Introducing Our Film Mentors

This year we are excited to launch an additional component to our Community Film Festival: a Short Film Workshop led by amazing film mentors. Our idea is that today, people have access to smartphones, tablets and other equipment that allows them to create short films more easily. In addition to showcasing these films at our Community […]

David Phu


Our goals and aspirations for 2014

We thought we would give a public update of what we have in store this year. With last year’s event we had a lot of ideas and learning experiences which we hope to inform our planning for this year’s events. There are basically three streams that we would like to continue: art walk, public art […]

Derek Gaw – Featured Artist

Profile Derek Gaw is a new generation experimental artist living in Vancouver and exploring the intersection of technology and art installation. He proposed a unique art installation of a blow up bear made out of recycled plastic bags which will be on display, weather permitting, at the end of the alley between Harkness & Co. […]


Poetry arrived

Josephine Wang – Featured Artist

Profile Josephine Wang’s work is extremely colourful and calming.  She is able to capture moments and display them through her own lens in a way that is deeply captivating and magical. We are extremely glad to have her join us for the Broadway East Art Walk on Saturday September 28th in front of the Teamsters […]

Sucontha Wongsalee – Featured Artist

Profile Sucontha Wongsalee, originally from Thailand, is another extremely talented artist who participated with us in our June pilot and is now returning to exhibit again on September 28th. We are extremely glad to have her back displaying her magical and distinctly playful watercolour illustrations. The June event was her first exhibit and we anticipate […]


Carl Baird 01

Carl Baird – Featured Artist

Profile Carl Baird has over ten years of experience as an illustrator, visual artist and musician. His work has a distinct quality that just seems to fit Vancouver so well. His attention to detail and the quality of composition of his pieces are admirable. We are proud to have Carl participate at our upcoming Broadway East […]

Bret Taylor – Featured Artist

Profile Bret Taylor is a 16-year Vancouver resident, a transplanted Newfoundlander, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, and a detail fetishist. His principal venue of artistic expression is an ongoing experiment in acrylics – the metalflake technique. He’s based in the West End, and on a good night can smell salt air wafting through the open windows […]

Silver Surfer

RS Painting

Rachael Stableford – Featured Artist 1

Profile Rachael Stableford is an accomplished painter who participated in our June 8th pilot. We were deeply impressed by her unique style. Some of her paintings are done in wood rather than traditional canvas. This adds a very beautiful interaction between the colours and the wood grain. We have the privilege of having her participate […]

Sharon Kallis – Featured Artist

As the Broadway East Art Walk approaches we will be featuring and interviewing a few of the artists who will be participating at the event. To kick off these posts we are covering an incredibly experienced eco-artist: Sharon Kallis. Profile   Sharon Kallis, 2010 Lillian Elliott Award recipient,  is a fascinating eco-artist who’s work transforms a […]

A project in Spain

Broadway East Businesses

Our Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant 1

Mount Pleasant is quickly changing, yet there is still a stretch of Broadway (roughly between Prince Edward and Prince Albert) that we imagined could be a much more happening place, perhaps even a destination in this city. While this is a change that is happening already, why not speed it up? This is part of […]