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Rachael Stableford is an accomplished painter who participated in our June 8th pilot. We were deeply impressed by her unique style. Some of her paintings are done in wood rather than traditional canvas. This adds a very beautiful interaction between the colours and the wood grain. We have the privilege of having her participate again on the Broadway East Art Walk on September 28th. Enjoy her artwork from noon to 5pm at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 E. Broadway).


Rachael Stableford

Rachael Stableford

How would you describe your art?

RS -I would describe my art as a colourful dreamscape.

Where do you find inspiration?

RS – I find my inspiration through my surroundings, various collected images and seeing a completed work (in my mind) before beginning it.

How did you begin your journey through the arts?

RS -I have always been involved in the arts. My journey began with painting different parts of my house with my Grandmother when I was very young. We painted pretty images on the toilets and blinds in her house together. My business practice in visual arts has begun more seriously this past year through expanding my studio and practicing more!

What is the story behind a painting or one of your other works that you find meaningful?

RS-I love capturing moments, especially when a person’s face gives away something intimate about who they are. In my double exposure series, I search for images that tell a story about people (when these images are layered together.) RS Painting 2I am completely captivated by the opposites we find within a person. When I layer a landscape with a portrait and a flood of light, it creates a feeling so much more revealing and powerful than each of these things alone.

Right now, aside from the Exposure series I am doing, me and my partner, as Laneway Art Collective are working on a group of large scale games for a show in 2014. These wooden games are inspired by a work that I did on my last year of University in 2009. These games deal with how people interact with Art and how the Art can change individuals experience with a space. I am really excited about the creation of these works and hopeful for their future in public spaces.

How would you describe your medium. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

RS – I really enjoy the medium that I am using now, liquid acrylic on wood panel. It has a watercolour feel to it and I love the effect that multiple layers create. These pieces are each finished with a clear, glossy layer of resin, which gives the finished artwork a 3D feel. The resin also makes the paintings incredibly durable and preserves them. Although, I have found that wood panels aren’t as easy to transport as canvas (you can’t roll it up).

RS PaintingWhich mentor(s) do you admire the most and what have they taught you?

RS -Two mentors that have heavily influenced my work are Kim Cimetta and Tim Doherty. These individuals are visual artists, teachers and friends who taught me how to open my mind– giving me the freedom to be myself within my creative practice.

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