Sucontha Wongsalee – Featured Artist


MagicalSucontha Wongsalee, originally from Thailand, is another extremely talented artist who participated with us in our June pilot and is now returning to exhibit again on September 28th. We are extremely glad to have her back displaying her magical and distinctly playful watercolour illustrations. The June event was her first exhibit and we anticipate she will have many more in the near future. We invite you to enjoy her work at Harkness & Co. Butchers on the long room west of 666 E Broadway during the Broadway East Art Walk on September 28th.


How would you describe your art?

SW – My works are the mixture of reality, imagination, thought and feeling through contents and colors. They are playful and of course they are not perfect, but that’s the way I like them.

Cosmic HairWhere do you find inspiration?

SW- I mostly get it from songs, movie, fashion, nature, architecture… daily life.

How did you begin your journey through the arts?

RainSW- I got more serious a couple years ago. when one of my friend started to write and do some illustration himself, but before that, I have been around art as long as I can remember.

What is the story behind one of your other works that you find meaningful?

SW- One of my works that I like the most is inspired by a meaningful lyric by Coldplay. It somehow relates to my personal experience, so I drew it right from my heart.


What do you like about your medium?

I love using water color because it’s challenging, you can not layer or fix it as the others. Also, its look is subtle, light and comfortable.

Which mentor(s) do you admire the most and what have they taught you?

SW- My friend who wrote the book. He is also my watercolor teacher. He taught me to be as natured as water.

Sucontha Coldplay Inspired

Paradise- Coldplay.
The picture is telling a story about a butterfly with the broken wing trying to get back to
where it flew from. It’s trying so hard but still….just like when we were young, we expected life in a different way right?
Then, we got a broken heart when life disappointed us and we try to move on but we’re stuck somehow…

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