Carl Baird – Featured Artist


Carl BairdCarl Baird has over ten years of experience as an illustrator, visual artist and musician. His work has a distinct quality that just seems to fit Vancouver so well. His attention to detail and the quality of composition of his pieces are admirable. We are proud to have Carl participate at our upcoming Broadway East Art Walk on Saturday September 28th. Come meet the artist and his work at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 E Broadway).


How would you describe yourself and your art?
CB- I am an award winning classically trained figurative artist with an enormous passion for architecture and art history, both of which I studied throughout Europe. I would describe my art as contemporary conceptualism juxtaposed with my classical studies.
Carl Baird 01Where do you find inspiration?
CB- I immerse myself in my surroundings and my art is a reflection of that. From art history to popular culture. I get inspired by the materials I use such as reclaimed board. Also through music as I have been a touring professional musician/ songwriter for over 27 years.
Carl Baird 03How did you begin your journey through the arts?
CB- I don’t remember a time when painting and drawing wasn’t the most important thing in my life. I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about art from whatever source I could . 
What is the story behind one of your pieces that you find particularly meaningful?
CB- My work is a diary of my life. I don’t create any art that is not inspired by a deeper meaning. The loss of loved ones is a theme that has surfaced in recent works.
Carl Baird 01How would you describe your medium. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
CB- My medium is acrylic paint on reclaimed boards or canvas. I have recently filled four entire sketchbooks with drawings.  I love the immediacy of the medium.
Which mentor(s) do you admire the most and what have they taught you?
CB- The mentor i admire the most would be Ken Cosgrove bfa. Who was my figurative drawing professor. I was taught draftsmanship , perspective, and not to hesitate, just execute.


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