Our goals and aspirations for 2014

pencil_sketch_1395672915810We thought we would give a public update of what we have in store this year. With last year’s event we had a lot of ideas and learning experiences which we hope to inform our planning for this year’s events. There are basically three streams that we would like to continue: art walk, public art installations and short film festival. Make sure to join our mailing list so you don’t miss any events (some like the Midtown Experiment were planned an executed within a couple of weeks notice!)

Last year we did all three concurrently once in June, and then again in late September. It was very challenging from a logistics perspective, and this year we have decided to separate them out into individual components so we can give them the proper attention and energy:

1. Art Walk – There is too much talent in this city and not enough gallery space. We will continue to work with venues and businesses to showcase the amazing artists in our city. We will likely concentrate our efforts into 1-2 locations that can accommodate a lot of artists in Broadway East. We will host this art walk during a weekend this summer.

2. Public Art Installations – Public art installations help us reimagine our neighbourhood and foster neighbourhood pride. Last year we had installations at Harkness Butchers, Pizzeria Barbarella, KFC, Adria Car Imports, A-Z Video Games and Andrew Sheret. We hope to grow this to provide a continuum of art along Broadway East and this year we hope to include workshops where neighbours can participate and experience the art creation process first hand. This will ideally be up to coincide with MetamorFest celebration Sept. 27, being set up a couple of weeks beforehand.

3. Film Festival – We want to lead workshops with local film makers to teach community members the skills necessary to create their own short film about anything they want in the neighbourhood. We will then screen the films late summer or early fall. *More details here

If any of the above catches your eye and you would like to help plan or have insights/comments: send us an email. We hope to continue bringing art and community to Mount Pleasant.

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