September 28 Short Films Screening

The following are films that will be screened at the Western Front (303 E. 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC) to conclude our Broadway East Art Walk activities. Entry is by donation (no one turned away for lack of funds), with doors opening at 6:30pm and films beginning to be screened at 7:00pm. We are still adding to this list so please check back soon.

2 Song Tango Dance

Argentine tango dance performed by Santiago & Deborah – Tango Argentino to kick off our screening.

“My Refuge” (2:37)

Filmed in Mt Pleasant, My Refuge is a short film from three independent film makers about the day to day toils of life, and the little things that make it worthwhile.

Short film by David Laenen with Seann Sheriland and Liet Feline



Grandmère (10:00)

Her essence whispers from these walls. Different time periods poetically collide; the character of grandmere sensing the future, her granddaughter remembering the past. Using dance and physical gesture grandmere is a sensual journey honouring daily ritual and feminine beauty. Filmed near Fraser and Kingsway.

Produced by the  The Tomorrow Collective in association with EnMedia Productions

Choreography Director – Chick Snipper
Camera Director – Claudia Medina

Arte, Ardore, Onore: The World of Swordplay (10:00)

A short documentary film about swordplayers and Academie Duello (a renowned swordplay studio in downtown which is unique in its way and has a very good reputation in the world of swordplay. Distribution prize at VWIFF2012. Written, shot and edited by Tatiana Balashova.

Tofu Meets Greens (2:37)

Tofu Meets GreensThe perfect swingin’, dancin’, Vancouver couple. Food and dance come together magically on Granville Island with two of Vancouver’s most creative partner dancers, David and Diane of Night and Day Dance, and the swingin’ music from Denzal Sinclaire. Production Company – Storybubble Pictures Inc. Director – Devon Cooke

Stan’s store (8:49)

Rath’s Art Supplies is at the hub of the creative Main Street community. Owner Stan Rath, in the business of selling paint, brushes and canvases for over 25 years, greets the artists, both well known and struggling, that come to the shop every day to buy his custom canvasses, or just hang around discussing the local art scene. Stan is a talented photographer, and has been documenting the changing face of Main Street on his nightly walks – over 300 photographs so far. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

Jenny (12:17)

Meet Jenny, who works here part time, with her quick smile and fiery red hair. Her beautiful calligraphy creates labels for the countless items in stock at Rath’s. She is also a talented musician, director of a local choir – many of her singers are also dancers, poets, and filmmakers. A film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

The Hach (2:46)

Tara started to paint windows in June 2010 when she opened her own store called the Hach. A graphic designer and illustrator, she loves to create beautiful window art. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

John’s Jukes (6:08)

John owns a unique store on Main Street that combines his passion for pinballs and repair. Take a glimpse into his store and personal story. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

Pierre (3:15)

Pierre cuts hair at Uptown Barber right next to John’s establishment.  He came from France and has been in the neighbourhood for a long time. Listen to his thoughts on the changing face of Main Street. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

Ben (11:05)

Meet Ben and his story that lands him practicing Permaculture in Mount Pleasant at the Project 4 Pocket Farm. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

Monica (2:46)

Monica shares her story of her bike powered landscaping venture. Film by Ana Mateescu. Part of Erin’s Neighbourhood project.

Vancouver Cycle Chic Films

The following four films are part of the Vancouver Cycle Chic films series:

Inspiration (2:11)

Simon Fleming is a visual artist who recently moved to the Fairview Slopes of Vancouver from Galway, Ireland. He brought with him a Babboe bakfiets cargo bike, which he regularly uses to run errands, along with his eighteen-month-old son Tadhg. We follow Simon around for a short ride to Granville Island, where he stops for fruits and vegetables in the Public Market, a coffee at the Agro Café, and picks up some canvases from Opus Art Supplies. Over top of the video, Simon muses on his journey to Vancouver, his thoughts on the city, the creative process, and what inspires him as an artist. We then return to his private studio and watch the genesis of a new work of art.

Heart and Soul (2:10)

Cecily Walker is a digital librarian who works at the Central Library in Downtown Vancouver. She lives in the Olympic Village on Southeast False Creek, and cherishes her daily ride along the seawall to the office: the people, ocean, mountains and wildlife. Like most Vancouverites, she is a transplant from elsewhere, and spent several years reliant on either a car or a bus. Taking a job closer to home has allowed her to rediscover the bicycle, not only as a method of transportation, but a social tool that has fostered a sense of connectedness, ownership and belonging to the city. She was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and living with a chronic illness has taught her that every day she can get up and face the day without pain, and still be independent is a gift.

Musical Spectrum (2:26)

Shawn Henderson is a local DJ and producer who performs under the name “BIKES”. He has a shared studio space in the ACME Building in the Downtown Eastside, where he works on his own original material. His debut three-track EP ‘Retrograde’ is now available online. He has a regular DJ night in Vancouver, and also performs around the world, including a short, but spectacular tour of South Africa last year. We spend some time with Shawn in and around the studio, watching him work on his original material, and then preparing his gear for a DJ gig that evening. We then ride along with him from his studio to the Electric Owl, a journey which contrasts the dark, gritty side of the city with the shiny glass buildings towering over the Dunsmuir Viaduct. Shawn then performs an hour-long DJ set at the venue, which will feature a sizeable crowd and dance floor.

The Whole Story (2:34)

Camille Vega is a stylist for Indochino, a custom-made menswear company located in Railtown. She frequently travels to cities across North America to open up “Traveling Tailor” pop-up shops for two week stretches. When in Vancouver, she lives on Commercial Drive, and spends her spare time freelancing for BeatRoute Magazine and The Hue. We follow Camille on a typical afternoon, where she cycles into the cobbled streets of Gastown via the city’s plentiful bikeways. She stops to interview and photograph the owners of Rowan Sky, a local independent shoe shop, before retreating to her office to work on the final piece.