About Us

Who We Are

Artists talking

Artists talking at June 8 event. Photo by Sheng Ho.

We are a group of neighbours who live in Mount Pleasant. Our group formed as part of the Broadway East Revitalization Project and the associated Weaving Policy, People and Place Together group.  We applied and were successfully funded by the Neighbourhood Small Grants program in 2013.

For 2014, we are restructuring our goals into 3 streams: 1) Art Walk, 2) Public Art, and 3) Community Short Film Festival. You can read more about it on our blog post.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the stretch of Broadway, between Prince Edward and Prince Albert, into a place where neighbours and community members can fully experience art in all its forms while strengthening awareness of businesses in the area and promoting community engagement.

What is an Art Walk?

Although the name might suggest it is a walk, it is actually an unguided drop in drop out event. During the times established, businesses and locations will host artists and light refreshments allowing people to freely flow and experience different art work at their own pace. With time, art walks are only one of the things we do.

How is this different from similar long-standing fall art events?

Our art walk event is shorter as it happens one day only and it takes place inside and outside of businesses, not art studios. More importantly part of our mandate is to have an unjuried event, which means artists new and experienced can participate and share their work (there is no cost for artists to participate). Finally, our event focuses on a specific area of Broadway that is normally not very inviting, transforming it and inspiring new uses for it by creating a temporary art destination. With time we have also evolved to explore different arts (installations and film), sponsor public pianos and community art projects and partnerships that fit our mission of transforming spaces and communities through art. We believe in public art, giving access to all through free events and collaborations because we can always do more together than alone.

Partner, Friends and Sponsors

The following is a list of groups that have at one time or another and collaborated with us and without whom we wouldn’t be able to put our events together: