Barter Market and Free Movie Screening

We are back at the Midtown Experiment next week!

finalJoin us for a FREE exciting event on Wednesday, April 16th at 6:30pm. We will host a Barter Market at the Midtown Experiment (585 E Broadway) as well as a screening of a documentary about Parkour titled: People in Motion.

6:30pm – Barter Market

Do you have extra things you are trying to get rid of? Bring them and trade them at our Barter Market! Anything goes: books, recipes, clothing, seeds, seedlings, art, services, stories, jokes… Be a part of Vancouver’s thriving Sharing Economy. Leave your wallet at home!

There will also be a FREE/Gift section with a lot of goodies. Whatever is not claimed by the end of the night will be donated!

7:30pm – People in Motion, Movie screening (1 hour)
Parkour is an art that encourages people to think differently about our environment, and experience it in a completely new way. This documentary expands on the art of motion.

We are a bit short on seating, so please bring a foldable chair if you have one (and a blanket or coat as the space can get a bit chilly)

8:30pm-9:30pm Barter Market continues
We appreciate your support!