Oct. 11 2014 – Community Short Film Festival

Community Film FestivalWe held the second annual Community Film Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2014, 6:30-9:30pm at 303 E 8th Ave. (Map). We were delighted to celebrate the places and stories that make our neighbourhoods unique through the free screening of local short films. We achieved the goal of securing a space where new and experienced artists could share their work and connect with the community.

We followed the program below, featuring a wide range of locally made films in a variety of genres, ranging from documentary, to music videos and experimental films. Congratulations to Jen Ray for her winning submission by Dancinema Productions Ltd.of Grey Matter, a song by Chersea (another amazing local musician)!



6:30pm – Kick-off / Intro

6:35pm – First Block of Films

Broadway East Art Mural (2013)
Colin Van Loon,

Short documentary about the art murals created at three locations as part of Broadway East revitalization involving the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.

Perogy Train (2013)
Joella Cabalu,

A taste of Vancouver’s lively, delicious and community-building Friday Night Perogy Dinner.

Time Warp Waltz (2014)
Emmanuelle Davis,

What if a plane wouldn’t just take us from a place to another but would make us also travel through time ? After all, watching from the 30s to now, we always repeat the same motions, preparing to board this travel machine, taking off for a new adventure… stamping, turning, and making again and again the same steps in the waltz of life. What is the story behind all these unknown dancers ? Where are they going ? A simple picture as to paraphrase the Rocky Horror Picture Show :
“And waltzing on the planets face
Some dancers called the human race
Lost in time
And lost in space
And meaning”

Grey Matter (2014)
Jen Ray,

Artistically Directed by Jen Ray, Grey Matter is an interpretation of the original song by Chersea and an experiment in form. Grey Matter was the first Dancinema work. Cinematographer Brock Newman’s crisp and clean style, and the dancers’ graceful but creeping movements accurately express the beautiful yet unsettled tone of the piece. Dancers Hayley Gawthrop, Samantha Gilburg, Jen Ray and Courtney Zelter improvised movements within set patterns and engaged with the camera as a fifth dancer. Proud to be 100% local talent and locations, Grey Matter is a ride that is a unique viewing experience each time. The wordless languages of Dance and Film speak to the senses and the soul. Guaranteed, you have never seen anything like this before.

Trash (2014)
Rami Katz,

Exploring the different ways that we live with trash in our modern consumer society: how it’s created, stored, disposed of, and kept away from the public eye.

My House is Your House – Save the Salsbury Garden (2005)
Ian Marcuse,

My House is Your House tells the story of one person’s unique connection to home and of a communities struggle to save a much beloved house and garden just off Commercial Drive from demolition.

Companionship (2014)
Chris Bruntlett,

Personal style comes out in lots of ways: what you wear, where you ride, whom you spend your time with. Amy, the subject of our newest Cycle Chic Film, works in policy and outreach with the BCSPCA, working to make change for animals. For her, Winston the dog is a couchwarmer, travel companion, work buddy, and source of endless affection. Together, their style is impeccable.

7:10pm – Intermission / First Block Film-maker Q&A

7:20pm – Second Block of Films

My Grandfather’s Advice (2011)
Lisa G,

Manjit was born in Hoshiarpur, India and moved to Vancouver on July 4, 1948. To combat racism and live a good life he took his grandfather’s advice….This story was created as part of a project to celebrate Vancouver’s 125th birthday. Visit vancouverstories125.blogspot.ca/ to learn more.

Hello I Am Brown Bear (2014)
Karl Simmons, Vimeo

Brown bear’s life with his best friend is well… C’est Magnifique!

Our Dad Percy (2010)
Lisa G,

Ralph and Ernie Norman talk about their lives growing up and their father, the namesake of the now torn down Percy Norman Pool. Created as part of an artist in residence project called Riley Park Stories in 2010 in anticipation of the changes to come in that neighbourhood.  (Hillcrest Pool replaced Percy Norman Pool although across and north along the street).

7246 120′ WE (2011)
John Woods,

Shot in the alleys and side streets of East Vancouver, this is a movie about the limitless potential held in a Sunday bike ride and a roll of film.

The Game (2006)
David Burney,

On Sunday in a high stakes game, friendship always comes through at the end.

Stan’s store (2012)
Ana Mateescu,

Rath’s Supplies, owned by Stan Rath sells art supplies and is a community hub. The film captures Stan’s story as well as two of the artists exhibiting in his window.

Blind Spots (2013)
Amanda Thomson,

Narrative and non-narrative coalesce in this short avant garde work by Amanda Thomson. A woman’s voice sketches out an enigmatic romance while the camera gets lost in the patterns of sunlight on windswept leaves and water. Shot on super 8, the most nostalgic of near-dead shooting formats (and a medium uniquely suited to finding unexpected shapes in the familiar world) the film ultimately abandons nostalgia and memory for a moment suspended in the eternal present.

Between the Stops (2014)
Chris Bruntlett,

As spectacular as Vancouver is, it’s not about where you go, but who you go there with. This is particularly true for Josh, the founder of Cycle City Tours. Josh elevates his tours beyond a checklist of landmarks to make them interactive, social experiences. We spent the day traveling to many of the locations he includes in his expeditions: Stanley Park, Granville Island, Robson Square, Gastown and Bomber Brewing.

8:00pm – Intermission / Second Block Film-maker Q&A

8:10pm – Third Block of Films

Americano! Americano! (2014)
Ana Mateescu,

Chris is a watercolor artist and also a lawyer who in taking on only homicide difficult cases. This is a story of his encounter with organized crime while traveling in Spain.

Fatty (2014)
Shannan Louis,

What if being fat isn’t always seen as something that is a choice? What if the world understood more about fat people? “Fatty” explores the role of fat in our society. Fat people, fat haters and fat acceptance.

Under the Rainbow (2014)
Director: Dave Shortt Producer: Trish Garner, BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

Under the Rainbow is a short documentary featuring Shaunee Gaffney, a queer high school student facing family rejection, hunger, and homelessness. After being thrown out of home, she finds herself couch-surfing with strangers and living a life of daily insecurity and vulnerability. It is through Shaunee’s story of resilience, combined with insights from service providers and researchers, that we learn of the many root causes that contribute to the high incidence of poverty in queer and trans communities in BC. Produced by the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, this is an inspiring film that provides hope for the future.

Face Me (2013)
Harley Spade,

Face Me, the battle between your true self and the fears that strangle it silent

The Gran Nigel (2013)
Joella Cabalu,

A circus performer dares to do the impossible – participate in The Gran Fondo cycling race from Vancouver to Whistler, a distance of 122 km…on a unicycle.

8:45pm – Third Block Film-maker Q&A

9:00pm – Closing/Voting

Although there isn’t a prize or cash award, the winner will have bragging rights for the rest of the year!

This project is funded by the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants